1. Tape measure (metal ones are best)
    2. Pen and paper


    No matter what type of blind you require, measuring your windows is easy with our simple instructions. Blinds can be mounted either within the door frame (Recess fit) or on the outside of the door frame (face fit). When considering the best fit take into account any obstructions such as door handles and bars and also the depth of the door frame. It is highly recommended that two blinds be fitted into a sliding patio door for greater versatility as well as ease of us

    If the blinds are required to hang outside the window recess. The Blind will cover the total window area and be fitted to the window or door frame.
    Width: Measure the EXACT outside width of the window where you like the blind to be.(as per drawing). To minimize light gaps and obtain maximum privacy, add 20mm to 75mm on each side of the window frame
    Drop: Measure the EXACT outside drop of the window where you want your blind to be to the bottom (as per drawing).
    Note when measuring for Vertical Blinds: When measuring for vertical blinds you must add an extra 75mm to 100mm to width on either side of the frame, this will allow enough coverage for complete privacy
    fece fit measuring
    If the blinds are required to fit inside the window recess. The blind will sit inside the window or door frame.
    Width: Measure the EXACT inside width of the window. This will require measurement of the window in 3 places, as shown to the left; please provide us with the smallest measurement. (as per Drawing).
    Drop: Measure the EXACT inside drop of the window (as per Drawing).
    Note When measuring for “recess fit”: DO NOT make any allowance for clearance. We will deduct a small amount to ensure the blinds clear the sides and bottom of the recess, allowing for correct operation. This is generally up to 1cm on either side and up to 1 or 2cm in length.
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